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As one of the youngest EU member states, Bulgaria boasts a rich and diverse culture, temperate climate, and ideal location in Southeast Europe — and the Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship in Bulgaria helps get you there faster.

Benefits of the program:

Benefits for permanent residents:


Benefits for citizens:



Investment criteria
Offered in accordance with the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, the Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship includes a fast-track citizenship option. It is also one of the fastest programs to lead to residence. To qualify for application, you will need to meet one of the requirements outlined in the “Investment Options” section.

Application criteria
In addition to making a financial investment, applicants must also meet the following requirements:




Full Investment
Applicants choosing this option must deposit BGN 1 million (€511,292) in a Governmental Bond Portfolio for an investment period of five years, with no further payment required. At the end of the five-year period, the full amount of BGN 1 million (€511,292) will be returned to the investor without any accrued interest. The investment is fully guaranteed by the government bonds.

Financed Investment
Clients can leverage their capital by choosing to finance the required investment amount through a European Bank. Please contact us for cost of financing and further details.


The fast-track option allows investors to apply for citizenship faster by doubling their investment. The requirements for this option are as follows:
Have at least one year of permanent residency status;
Double the investment by putting €512,000 in government bonds or in the capital of a Bulgarian company, which is carrying out a Priority Investment Project (as defined in the Investment Promotion Act);
Hold second additional investment for a period of two years.

Financing options are available to qualified applicants. Citizenship applications for participants in the fast-track citizenship program are examined under express procedure.


In accordance with the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, foreign investors who hold a permanent resident permit for at least five years are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. The requirements for those who opt for the regular program are as follows:

Investors will need to file a citizenship application and pass medical tests in their current country of residence.



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