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Insurance is not a solution to your problems, it is a way to keep your financial stability in difficult times.

Everyday life is a series of joy and difficulties that are not appreciated in time. Sometimes we understand the convenience, only when we lose it. And never think about difficult times, they always come unexpectedly!

We can offer Automobile insurance:

- Casco vehicles;

- Civil liability of vehicles (obligatory);

- Accident in public passenger transport;

- Accidents;

- Auto-assistance when travelling abroad;

- Green Card for international travels.


Please also pay attention to other insurance options:


Property insurance

- Fire and other dangers;

- Household assets;

- Industrial fire;

- Theft, robbery and vandalism;

- Hotels, resorts and places of recreation and entertainment;

- Interruption of business.

Technical insurance

- Electronic equipment;

- Construction risks;

- Machinery and equipment;

- Machines and equipment to lease.


Insurance of liabilities

 - Civil liability to third individuals;

- Civil liability for use of a firearm;

- Responsibility of the tour operator;

- Professional liability of lawyers;

- Agency for airline tickets;

- Humanitarian doctors and medical personnel;

- Employers;

- Notary;

- The construction supervision;

- Employees;

- Carrier’s liability in international transport (CMR);

- Liability of the carrier in the Republic of Bulgaria;

- Responsibility of the consignor.


Travel assistance and travel insurance

Insurance abroad:

- Medical costs for illness and accidents when travelling abroad with assistance provided;

- Medical costs for illness and accident for working abroad with a party assistance;

- Accident and medical costs for often travelling abroad with a party assistance;

- Short-term medical insurance for travelling abroad with the assistance provided.

Travel insurance, accident and illness:

- Complex travel insurance;

- Accident (obligatory);

- Accident;

- Accident of athletes and technicians.

Travel insurance:

- Aircraft;

- Vessels;

- Cargo - Insurance of stocks during international transport;

- Cargo - Insurance of stocks during transport within the Republic of Bulgaria.



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